Headquarters Hotel


Our Meetimg Room


Gwen Lee Campbell Trubey, J. D. Bales ('45) and Joan Glasgow Bales ('46)



June Harvey Peters and husband Don


Mary Lambert (Walt's wife) and Shirley Nutter Ward ('49)


Glenna Speegle Detter and Lucy Reynolds Murray


Colleen Baughman Blackwell and Glenna Speegle Detter


Duane Archer and Lew Donnell


Dick Johnston and Richard Thompson


Gwenn Lee Campbell Trubey and Alvina Burton Beckworth


Dick Johnston and wife Matalyn


Mary Carman Troutt and husband Fay ('44)


Gerald McCollough and wife Marilyn


Helen Owen Donnell and Lew Donnell


Anne Alexander (Class '45) and Gwen Lee Campell Trueby


Lucy Reynolds Murray, Colleen Baughman Blackwell and Anne Alexander (Class '45)


Glenna Speegle Detter and husband Clyde


Jeannine Patchen Glover and husband Jim


Bill Staats and Jeanne Riney Froeb


Lynn Gordon Leisure ('46), Bill Elliott and Marylyn Short Tompson ('48)


Mary Lambert and Shirley Nutter Ward ('49)


Bill Hintze, Charlene Hunt Spears, Bill Elliottt, C. G. Snell and Sally Whitney Snell


Richard Thompson and Robrta Reynolds ('46)


Barbara Hopper Garrison ('46), Carol Creel (Bill Creel's widow), Richard Thompson and Roberta Reynolds (46')

Clyde Detter and Gerald McCollough

Jeannine Patchen Glover, Glenna Speegle Detter, C. G. Snell and Gwen Lee Campbell Truby


It is possible to have your cake and eat it too


Gwen Lee Campbell Trubey, Mary Carman Troutt and Lucy Reynolds Murray


Jeannine Patchen Glover, Bill Hintze, the breakfast hostess at the Westin Inn, Walt Lambert and wife Mary


Charlene Hunt Spears, Bill Hintze and Jane Schmidt Goldhamer


Gtnn Lee Campbell Trubey and Bill Elliott


Lucy Reynolds Murray, Richard Thompson, Sally Whitney Snell and Barbara Wood Courtney


Helen Owen Donnell, Gwen Lee Campbell Trubey and Jeannine Patchen Glover

Mary Carman Troutt, Lucy Reynolds Murray, Gwenn Lee Campbell Truby, Bill Hintze, Jeannine Patchen Glover and Sally Whitney Snell