September 14, 15 and 16, 2007


Gwen Lee Campbell Trubey and Doris Smith Hamilton


Joana Feigel Waldrip, Colleen Baughman Blackwell, Glenna Speegle Detter and Clyde Detter


Mary Lee Jessup Bailey and Dick Johnston's wife Matalyn


Bill Hintze, Richard (Dick) Wright and Oleta Wright


Robert Murray, Lucy Reynolds Murray, Bob Ramsey's wife Loretta and Mary Lee's nephew Tom Grey


Doris Smith Hamilton and Duane Archer


Charlene's brother Bates Hunt (class of '43), Helen Owen Donnell, Chuck Spears, Charlene Hunt Spears and Justine McDonald Gillick


George Breidenbach, Mary Ruth Shinn Linde and Richard Thompson


Walt Lambert, Marilyn McCullough and Gerald McCullough


Walt Lambert Dick Johnston Bob Ramsey and Gerald McCullough


Sue Ann Beal (Mary Lee's niece) and Bill Staats


Lew Donnell (Helen Owen Donnell's husband), Gwen Lee Campbell Trubey and Bobby Snow (class of '50)


Lew Donnell, Gwen Lee Campell Trueby and Bill Hintze


Clyde Detter, Bill Staats, C. G. Snell and Sally Whitney Thomas


Bobby Snow, Lucy Reynolds Murray, Dick Johnson Walt Lambert, Marilyn McCullough, Gerald McCullough, Bill Hintze and Richard Thompson


A whole bunch of old folks


An even bigger bunch


Bill Staats Bob Ramsey


Gwen Lee Campbell Trubey and Doris Smith Hamilton


Headquarters Hotel


This is the place


Edwin Troutt, Pat Boatwright and Gwen Lee Campbell Trubey

Gwen Lee Campbell, Mary Carmen Troutt and Fay Troutt

Mary Carmen Troutt and Fay Troutt


It is possible to have your cake and eat it too


Marilyn McCullough, Ed Troutt, Gwen Lee Campbell Trubey and Gerald McCullough


Mary Lee's neices and nephew Jane Farmer, Sue Ann Beal, Tom Grey and Jeannine Patchen Glover's husband Jim Glover


Oleta Wright and Dick Wright


Helen Owen Donnell, Gwen Lee Campbell and Lucy Reynolds Murray


Bill Staats C. G. Snell and Richard Thompson (I wonder what was so funny)

Charlene Hunt Spears and Chuck Spears


Jeanine Patchen Glover and Mary Lee Jessup Bailey


Glenna Speegle Detter, Helen Owen Donnell, Richard Thompson, Bill Hintze, Clyde Detter and Duane Archer


Sally Whitney Thomas, Justine McDonald Gillick and Jeanne Riney Froeb


Matalyn Johnston and Dick Johnston

June Harvey Peters and Don Peters


Bill Hintze and Clyde Detter


Gerald McCullough, Walt Lambert, Marilyn McCullough, Ed Troutt and Mary Lambert


Richard Thompson's wife Marilyn, Jeannine Patchen Glover and Jim Glover


George Breidenbach, Marjorie Breidenbach, Jeanne Riney Froeb and Bill Hintze


Justine McDonald Gillick, Jeannine Patchen Glover and Sally Whitney Thomas


Marjorie Breidenbach and George Breidenbach


Robert Soleman, Robert Murray, Lucy Reynolds Murray, Dick Wright and Oleta Wright


Joanna Feigel Waldrip, Colleen Baughman Blackwell , Tom Grey, Lucy Reynolds Murray and Jim Glover


Mer Troutt, Mary Carmen Troutt, Ed Troutt, Fay Troutt and Mary Ruth Shinn Linde


Glenna Sue Speegle Detter and Clyde Detter

Gwen Lee Campbell Murray, Colleen's daughter Sherry, Colleen Baughman Blackwell and Joanna Feigel Waldrip


Chuck Spears and Charlene Hunt Spears


Gwen Lee Campbell Trubey, Bill Hintze and Jeanne Riney Froeb


Gwen Lee Campbell Trubey, Justine McDonald Gillick, Jeanne Riney Froeb, Richard Thompson and Jeannine Patchen Glover