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College High Wildcat Memorial Scholarship Fund

Following the commencement ceremony of 1982, the name, mascot and colors of our school were changed. The black and gold banner of the College High Wildcats would fly no more. Or so they thought!!

In 1986, during the 25 year reunion of the class of '61, an idea was presented which would not only perpetuate the legacy of the Wildcats, but would also set up a very unique scholarship program for some very special students. The COLLEGE HIGH WILDCATS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND was born. The plan is simple, affordable, deductible, and will keep the spirit of the Wildcats alive forever.

If you wish to donate each year on your birthday, please send a contribution equal to the year you graduated. For instance if you graduated in 1961, you would send $19.61. Make check payable to: College High Alumni Association. In case you may be like so many of us who are trying to forget birthdays, we will send you a "Happy Birthday, Wildcat!!" reminder card.

Past scholarship recipients


Let's help some kids ... and make sure we're not forgotten!

P.O. Box 2552
Bartlesville, OK 74005


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